Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Imperfect, dewy, messy, PINK. Not my usual.

For whatever reason, I woke up yesterday thinking I really need to wear some HOT PINK lip gloss and shiny skin. It's far away from my normal love of matte. Sometimes I just want to be obnoxious.

This makeup guys. I don't really know. I started knowing I wanted my freckles to show, I wanted some glowiness, and I wanted hot pink lips. I literally just went from there.

I ended up using a bb cream instead of normal foundation, since it's a tad darker than my usual foundation and it lets my freckles show a bit more. It also has a GORGEOUS dewy finish that I love. I tried to up that by setting my primer with Mary Loumanizer, basically just trying to look shiny. It's hard for my skin to look shiny unless it's 90 degrees outside.

I started out without the lip gloss, just with the matte lip. I LOVE this shade from Milani. It's called Sangria. That just SCREAMS summer to me... reminds me of my mom's amazing Sangria she made for my 18th birthday party, which was in August. That was a magical night I'll have to write about another time.

Here's the lip color sans gloss in my backyard.
Milani Sangria in outdoor lighting

Milani Sangria in outdoor lighting
It looks a little lighter pink here, but here it is indoors (I STILL need to learn my camera).

Milani Sangria, indoors by a window

Milani Sangria outdoors
Then I decided I needed it to be more obnoxious. I already had the high half ponytail, the slightly thicker brows, bright blush, and clumpy-ass lashes, but I wanted more.

BOOM, Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in African Queen.

Oh yeah baby, spring makeup? I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.
So yeah. It's hot pink gloss that reflects kind of blue/purple. It's so ridiculous, I adore it.

For the eyes, I literally slathered Benefit High Beam all over my lid, contoured a bit with Nyx Taupe blush, then put some Dust from Naked 3 (the pale, super glittery pink) over the top of Taupe.

This photo accurately portrays how many fucks I gave about this makeup "working" for me:


But can we just zoom the fuck in on those lips real quick? I'm not over it.

You can see the brighter cheek color here too.

And here's one of the obnoxious hair. I'm actually super proud of my hair getting so long. I feel much more like myself the longer it gets!

I actually did not even photograph a derp face in this makeup... so many regrets, because that shiny lip would have been AMAZING. But when I was trying to find good lighting around my house, I took this with the camera on our trashcan. Apparently I was uncomfortable with that.

Actually not a bad photo of the lip color. Zoom in on that shit.
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Product list:


  • Nyx green color correcting primer
  • Mary Loumanizer (to set primer under bb cream al la Wayne Goss, also over bb cream,)
  • Skin17 Hot Pink BB Cream
  • Benefit High Beam all over lid/crease/brow bone
  • Nyx Taupe blush to contour
  • Naked 3 Dust
  • ELF Brow Kit in Medium
  • MUFE No 162 eyeshadow (brows)
  • Milani Sangria
  • Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in African Queen

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