Saturday, April 19, 2014

Emelia Clarke Flare Magazine Recreation FAIL

So, I tried to recreate a look that Emelia Clarke sported for Flare magazine, but with a darker twist.

I just ended up with concealer all over myself.

But for shits and giggles (LOTS OF GIGGLES), I'm sharing.

I LOVE the original photo of Emelia Clarke from Flare Magazine. The look is different that what I usually see, and I like that. I've also been wanting to try the "ghost eyeliner" trend I've seen on instagram, so that's how this all started.

Original photo of Emelia Clarke

However, I thought it would be a fun creative challenge to try to recreate the look with a darker, more gothic feel, using burgundies and reds instead of pinks. I've never been a huge fan of pinks, though I have nothing against them.

Everything was actually going ok with this look until I realized the concealer I used as eyeliner was getting everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. It's on my camera, on my pants right now as I type this, and it got all over the look as I was shooting. God dammit.

I decided to use concealer instead of a white eyeliner because I wanted the look to be overall grungier, and I thought the dingier tone might do well. I also added some lower lashline sunken eyeball contour business going on to deepen the look more.

Overall, I'm not too happy with the end result, but I wanted to share just for fun! I will definitely be having another go at this in the future, because I like the idea and I think it's a fun creative stretch for me.

 Do you see all that concealer on my eye?

Gotta make super srs faces for this.


Well, I tried.

All that's left to do is derp. Thanks for viewing, and keep an eye out for the next attempt!

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Full product list:


  • Nyx green color correcting primer
  • Ben Nye translucent powder
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily/combo skin in Ivory
  • Nyx blush in Taupe
  • Nyx Milk (minor highlighting)
  • Urban Decap Primer Potion
  • UD Naked - colors used: Stange, Limit, Nooner
  • MUFE eyeshadow No 162 (eyes and brows)
  • Makeup Geek shadow in Bitten
  • Nude'Tude by theBalm - Sleek (dark brown in crease)
  • ELF brow kit in dark
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer (as liner)
  • ELF Studio Matte lip color in Natural


  1. For what it;s worth I think it looks really good. I know it got everywhere but if you forget about that it doesn't look bad at all. If you recreated with a different product it would look great. Anyway I like it :P