Monday, April 21, 2014

Burgundy Eye (with some new circle lenses!)

Barbie Romana Grey circle lenses

After trying the Emelia Clarke Flare magazine look, I realize how much I LOVE burgundy eyeshadow, so I created a look around it! And I threw on some of my new circle lenses because I couldn't resist.

The eyeshadows I used in this look are all warm mauves and burgundies. I used Limit and Nooner from Naked 3, Bitten from Makeup Geek, and and Makeup Forever single shadow pan in No. 162.

I recently got a few pigment samples from a local Younique seller, and I was really excited to try the color Heartbroken! That's what I used for the shimmery pink lid highlight. However, the sample bag was SO SMALL, and not even filled very much, that I was afraid I would derp and drop most of it on the floor and not have enough pigment to do anything.

So what did I do? I spilled it on my windowsill (my current vanity space) while trying to pour it onto a mixing pan.

I totally just put a drop of ELF Lock and Seal on the pile on the windowsill and mixed it right there. Unsanitary, I know. This is why I'm not a pro makeup artist.

Also, these contacts! They're circle lenses from, the style is Barbie Romana in Grey.

I honestly didn't like them much at first, because the flower design is... well, a flower. I don't know what I was hoping for.

But they're really growing on me! From far away, they just make my eyes look big and black, just like I like my coffee.

I only got ONE halfway decent full face photo, because it's been trying to rain around here lately so it's VERY cloudy. My backyard trees are also blooming, so not as much sun gets in my windows.

After I got home from running errands, I took out the lense and ran outside with my camera to see if I could catch any better photos of the makeup in the setting sun. They photos ended up quite washed out, but they're still a bit better than my dark room photos!

Contacts are fun, but I really love these colors with my normal brown eyes.

Thanks for viewing! Full review on the contacts coming soon!

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Product list:

  • Nyx green color correcting primer
  • Ben Nye translucent powder
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily/combo skin in Ivory
  • Nyx blush in Taupe
  • Nyx Milk (minor highlighting)
  • Urban Decap Primer Potion
  • UD Naked - colors used: Stange, Limit, Nooner
  • MUFE eyeshadow No 162 (eyes and brows)
  • Makeup Geek shadow in Bitten
  • Younique pigment in Heartbroken
  • Naked 3 - Limit and Nooner
  • Nude'Tude by theBalm - Sleek (dark brown in inner and outer corner)
  • Red Cherry Lashes #16
  • ELF brow kit in dark

  • Burts Bees chapstick stuff.

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