Thursday, June 19, 2014

Urban Decay Orgasmic Palette FOTD

Oh, Electric Palette... how I have resisted you. But when my sister let me borrow you, I fell in love. How can we be apart?

This look was inspired by liverpoolglasgow on instagram, who also inspired sssamanthaa and rebeccashoresmua to recreate it. Basically, she's badass, and her look made me overcome my sense of pride from resisting the UD Electric Palette and crumble into a soppy, love drunk mess over it. Thanks Olivia. Thanks. ;)

I used Chaos, Jilted, and Urban from the palette.

My husband said this looked like shades of anodized titanium, which I thought was badass.

So yeah, that happened, and now I'm going to have to go to the casino and win $54 and go buy this for myself.

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Product list:


  • Nyx Photo-Loving Anti-Redness Primer
  • Revlon Colorstay in Ivory (for normal/dry skin)
  • Nyx Taupe blush
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark
  • MUFE No. 162 shadow (brows)
  • UD Primer Potion
  • UD Electric Palette: Jilted, Chaos, Urban
  • Nyx Milk (lower waterline as a base)
  • ELF Cream Eyeliner
  • Red Cherry Lashes #43
  • Nyx Doll Eyes Mascara


  1. gah I love this so much! THanks for tagging rebecca shores, I've somehow never heard of her! love! I did a look similar ish to this on my birthday without even seeing this (or owning Electric) The colors are different due to that but the color scheme is the same and I was attempting to achieve the same level of smokiness hahha I didnt put it up on my blog yet but it's on my instagram @budgetsplurgebeauty if you want to see.
    P.s. post more! You have quickly become one of my favorite bloggers :P

    1. Rebecca Shores has been such a huge inspiration to me, especially regarding the use of color! Glad I could introduce you to her :) Also, found your look on instagram, great job!

    2. I can definitely see why! She's very inspiring. And thanks so much!!!!!!! I want to keep working on that look again and again because i'm kind of obsessed with it and want to perfect it