Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice Makeup, with Tutorial!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! It's summer now. The season for action, forward motion, heat, and building of energy. It's a season for DOING!

I'll admit summer is not my preferred season, for a few reasons. However, I'm learning to love it more and more as I get older and let go of the weird memories I have attached to it.

Even thought I prefer cool weather, I LOVE fiery colors. The colors associated with my sun sign, Leo, really resonate with me. So I put them all over my face.

Here's a tutorial if you want to try this look out! I highly recommend the Sleek iDivine Palettes. They are thrilling me right now.

Whether you celebrate the solstice or not, I hope everyone is feeling warm and fiery! Thanks for viewing, and follow my blog with Bloglovin!


  • Nyx Pore Filler
  • Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff
  • Nyx Blush in Taupe and Cocoa
  • TheBalm Mary Loumanizer
  • UD Primer Potion
  • Ben Nye Translucent Powder
  • Sleek iDivine Palette in Sunset
  • Nyx Gel Eyeliner
  • Red Cherry Lashes #43
  • Benefit Watts Up (cupid's bow)
  • Nyx Butter Lipstick in Snow Cap

Derp face, out.


  1. Were you first a photographer? cause your pictures are better than 90% of beauty blogs that I follow haha

    1. Nope, a ballet dancer actually! But thank you so much!! There was a learning curve when I got a big girl camera but I absolutely love it!

    2. well my learning curve is lasting forever. Lol