Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Diablo III Inspired Makeup

Before anyone asks, it's not cosplay (I wish)!

I've been playing some Diablo III again lately, after not playing for a couple years. What struck me immediately when I logged on again was the dark art style. It's absolutely gorgeous; I had forgotten how much I love it.

The character that you are as a player of the game is basically a person who feels drawn to a place where a star fell from the heavens and the dead are rising around it.
You end up finding out you're one of the Nephalem, humanity's forebears, the offspring of angels and demons. So, you're actually driven by destiny to defeat the literal devil himself before he and the main demons destroy the entire world. I would imagine that would be a rough life. Very little sleep, fighting lots of demons and grotesque monsters, but all the while feeling relentlessly driven by destiny, and having the burden of saving humanity from DIABLO HIMSELF on your shoulders. With those things in mind, I did my makeup.

I wanted to focus on extreme contouring and highlight. I used Nyx blush in Taupe for all contouring and Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk for all highlighting.

I put black lips with it because why not.
For eyeshadow, I wanted to keep the shape very big, but washed out. Travelling warriors ain't got time to 
define no crease. (But they have time to put on black lipstick.)

I used Urban Decay Naked 3 colors on my eyes. Strange for the light parts, and Mugshot and Darkside for the rest. I chose them because they're pretty gray compared to the rest.

I also used some burgundy eyeshadow around my lash line to make it look like I hadn't slept in 3 years.

I purposely kept my whole lid light, so the darker grays would sink the rest of my eye in. The idea was that my nephalem gaze would be more piercing. 

So I would look ridiculously weary, but you know I could still slaughter hoards of hell hounds and demons.

After having fun with this look (and trying to learn my new camera... hence the lack of focus on most of these), I washed it all off and decided to have another go at it. This time, warming it up and making it a little more wearable, but keeping the inspiration as much as possible.

The result:

I used warmer shadows from Naked 3: Liar and Factory. I still kept the big V shape and kept the lid light, but the V is darker this time.

I left out the burgundy shadow, and added some black tightlining and smudged liner on top. Also added a nude eyeliner on the waterline to brighten it up.

I barely highlighted this time, and used less contour and blended it out much more.

Then I started adding lipsticks for the fun of it! Mac Diva is my go to. It's fucking perfect with everything.

This is Mac Smoked Purple, with a really bad application.

I still have a lot of love for it though. I mean look at that color!

Back to black, just to come full circle.

When my husband woke up, he told me I looked like I was about to go to a The Cure concert.

I dig it.

And as always, I had to see what the derp face was like in the black lipstick. I was not disappointed.

Full product list:

  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer in the fairest shade
  • Maybelline FitMe foundation stick in 110
  • highlight: Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • contour: Nyx blush in Taupe

Both looks:
  • Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (lid/brow bone highlight)
  • Nyx blush in Taupe (eye and nose contour)
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 shadow: Strange
  • Maybelline Colossal Lash mascara (yellow tube)
  • ELF brow kit in Dark
  • TheBalm eyeshadow in Sexy (burgundy - for brows)
First look:
  • UD Naked 3 shadows: Mugshot and Darkside
  • TheBalm eyeshadow in Sexy (burgundy - for upper and lower lash line)
Second look:
  • ED Naked 3 shadows: Liar and Factory
  • ELF cream eyeliner in black (smudged on top lash line/tightlining)
  • Nyx Wonder Pencil in Fair (waterline)
LIPS (in order of appearance)
  • Nyx slim lip pencil in Blackberry (all over), with Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean on top
  • Mac Diva
  • Mac Smoked Purple
  • Nyx Black Bean over Smoked Purple


  1. Demon Hunteriffic!! I love the subdued Gothiness of it; wish I could have seen the purple lipstick with the first look, because that shade, to my mind, is even more Diablo than the black. :) Next chance I get, though, I'm going to get myself those black Nyx pencils, because I've never seen a black lip look more yummy and attainable than in this post. Thank you for enabling my inner Goth teenager!

    Found your blog via Reddit, by the way, and am thoroughly hooked. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

    1. Thank you so much! It's always cool to hear where people find my blog. I did a little googling, and I think the jumbo eye pencils are lip safe, but just be careful if you decide to try it! I do actually love the results I got with the lip pencil/jumbo eye pencil combo though :D

    2. Yes, I just loved the level of shine in the eye pencil! It gives a little more dimension than a true matte, without being toooo shiny. The way you exaggerated your Cupid's bow here is perfect, too.

      I did do an ingredients check - the list is almost identical to Nyx's lip pencils, and the 5 or so differing ingredients all appear to be lip-safe.