Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Benefit High Beam Review

Benefit High Beam review!

At girls night last week, my good friend Bailee brought up the need for her makeup looks to be dewy. We both took a second to fangirl over Carmindy (a makeup artist from WNTW), who always looks so glowy and dewy. It's some touched-by-an-angel shit.

I started going through the favorite highlighters I've used and looking up swatches on my phone, but I remembered that Benefit High Beam seemed to keep popping up on youtube and reddit. It looked to be just what we both wanted: a non-dry, non-glittery highlight that leaves you glowy and dewy. To quote Bailee, "Like you just stuck your face in some dew." Yes, that's exactly what we wanted.

So I finally got it today. I didn't take photos of swatches, but here it is on my face.

Benefit High Beam

I'm pretty damn pleased. It gives an awesome pale, glowy effect without big shimmer/glitter particles.

Do you see any glitter? I don't.

I tried a little on the lids and inner corner of my eyes, as well as the bridge of my nose, but lets be real.


It's about the cheekbones right now.

The cheekbones I wish I had. Contouring is my best friend.


This is the face I make when I've just stuck my face into some dew. UNNHHGGGHHG

Overall, it's a little pricey at $26, but for something with a result I like this much, I can deal with that.

This is my "just found a new favorite highlighter" face.

Thank you, Bailee, for bringing up the dew. It has changed my life and I know it will soon change yours (since yours is in my car ready for the next girls night).

Compared to other products:

Mary Loumanizer is more yellow/white, less pink. It's also a powder, so it shows up a little drier on dry skin like mine. 

Watt's Up is darker, more gold, and a little more shimmery and less glowy. It's awesome for all over golden looks!

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  1. Also that stuff lasts forever!!! It's great on cupids brow as well! Love all your make up looks! Any contouring tips? I've tried and never have the results you do!

    1. It seems really lasting so far! I'm so excited. As for contour, I use a duo fiber fan brush and I absolutely love it! It give precision placement and blending capabilities at the same time. It's hard to explain how exactly I do it in text, but contouring will be one of the first videos put up! Keep an eye out :)

  2. Uhh, I don't use make-up so I can't ask advise but can I just say your pallet is wonderful. I had a part in that!

  3. You know, about 3 hours after showering, I look all oily. That's kind of like dewy, right? Love you--keep up the awesome awesomeness!

  4. What's the lipstick you have on here? It's gorgeous.

    I found your blog through Reddit and I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm looking forward to more content. Cheers!

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  6. Hi, is this your natural hair color or is it dye? if it's dye, what brand and color is it? it's gorgeous!