Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hair FAQ

I made an FAQ video for all the hair questions I get! If you've ever asked about my hair and didn't get an answer (sorry!), this should cover everything!

Here's the video if you like that sort of thing! It's long, but there are clickable things and timestamps so you can jump to any question without having to sit through all of it.

Here's a short version of what I answer in the video, I recommend the video though because it's much more detailed:

What's your natural hair color? Red!

What do you dye your hair with now? Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Red *EDIT: As of  June 2015, Ion is now making the bright orange again! I now use a combination of both red and orange to add warmth back so it's not quite so red-violet.

Do you still henna your hair? Nope, but it impacts how the Ion color looks on my hair now.

How do you get/keep volume with your length? I don't wash it very often if I can help it, and my bangs that are growing out help with volume around my face.

How often/with what do you wash it? I wash it once my scalp gets flaky or once I've forgotten the last time I shampooed, probably once every 7-10 days... maybe longer.

How do you detangle? Brush with a soft brush only before showering, from tips to roots, comb after letting conditioner soak in the shower.

What products do you use to style? I don't use any hair products! I just use either coconut or avocado oil on the tips and a little throughout.

Do you use leave-ins or masks? Nope, just the oils, but not as a leave-in treatment or mask.

How do you style your hair? I put a bit of oil in it, then DON'T TOUCH IT. I never brush or comb my hair until I'm about to get in the shower or IN the shower. So I guess I don't really style it!

Any tips for growing long and healthy hair? Try not to heat style it, and make sure you're eating good, nutrient dense food! When I was struggling with disordered eating, it wrecked my hair. Food has impacted my hair tons. I eat a pretty healthy diet now, full of lots of good fats, vegetables, no gluten, etc. It has done WONDERS for my hair!

One question I forgot to answer is how fast the red fades/how I keep it lasting. Since my hair is red/hennaed underneath, the red seems to stick around a lot longer on me! It DOES fade quite quickly, but I have the help from henna to keep it somewhat vibrant.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any other questions!


  1. That was very informative, thank you! My natural hair color is brown with coppery kinda highlights, and I dye it with mahogany henna. I just recently started noticing that it gets darker and darker with each application and I really wanted to try box dye but I've read everywhere that no matter the type of dye you use, if you have henna died hair it will make it break and fall out :/
    Watching your video tho, it's pretty obvious it's not always the case, so I was wondering if you had any info about the henna you used to use and which chemicals I should make sure weren't in mine before using a box dye?

    1. If you used a henna that was supposedly a "color" (like auburn or mahogany), it's likely that there are chemicals in there other than lawson. Real henna ONLY makes hair red, and the differences in color come from differences in the color of hair the henna is applied to. I got my henna from http://www.mehandi.com/shop/hairhenna.html, but I would check the box of the stuff you got, or look up a full ingredient list online. I'm not sure exactly what chemicals you should be looking for, but some googling would probably get you the answer pretty quick! If in doubt, take your henna box to a professional hair stylist and ask them if it's safe to use a box dye over it. From what I understand, the Ion dye I use is more like a semi permanent stain, so there's a little less risk of chemicals not playing nice together. Since I had pure henna and just the ion stain, I was totally safe. But please please please make sure you double check everything, there's always a chance I got something wrong! Knowledge is power =) Good luck!

    2. http://www.hennaforhair.com/ is a GREAT resource for learning about henna, as well as what not to get henna wise and the dangers of not-legit henna. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello! I love your color hair seen in the thumbnail of your video (the dark red-violet). I am naturally dirty blonde and currently professionally dye my hair that dark red color. When it fades my hair turns to an auburn/ginger color. If I want to dye my hair naturally that color, would you suggest using just the Ion Color in red to do this? Would it turn out a different color? Does ion color have any harmful chemicals?
    Thank you!
    (PS How long does the hair color last for you? I'm currently at college, and may not have enough time to dye my hair often)